Why Yoga Is Important In Our Life in 2024 | Why Yoga is Good for Mental Health | What is Yoga and its Benefits

why yoga is good

What yoga is good for | Why yoga is important in modern life in 2024 | Yoga and Meditation | What is yoga in English | What is Yoga and its Benefits

Yoga is the only form of workout which works on all three aspects of life: Mind, Body and Soul. Yoga helps in aligning these three to help you lead the most meaningful life.

Yoga and mind body connection is a very gradual and seamless process once a person bring yoga into his her/ lifestyle.

In today’s times, we have a very sedentary lifestyle.

Everybody spends on an average 8-9 hours sitting doing all mental work. This results in inactive bodies and over- active mind. For an ideally healthy human, it should be vice- versa.

A person who consistently do any form of yoga is highly self- aware of its body and has a calm mind. These things brings qualities of high concentration, decision making, solution oriented approach in life.

These priceless qualities allow a person to do multi-tasking in a very stress free manner making your day, weeks and in turn life hassle free.

Also, it has been seen people who meditates regularly have high intuition powers. High intuition helps to see problems from an eagles’ eye and solve them by considering long-term effects rather than finding short- term solutions of a problem.

Why Yoga Needed In Modern Times?

Yoga For Gratitude:

gratitude hot yoga

Longing for material wealth has hardened our heart. Yoga increases our awareness of self. we are more aware of our bodies, body parts, our breath, our thoughts. We feel more ownership of our being. In our daily busy life, we tend to forget how much useful our hands, our legs, our fingers and every other part of body we have.Yoga teaches us gratitude in a very very simple way.

Yoga For Spiritual Awakening:

As a result of emergence of nuclear family concept, human values. Yoga involves chanting mantras which has a huge impact on our nervous system.

Yoga For Lifestyle Diseases:

yoga for thyroid    yoga for diabetes

Sloping shoulders, flat chests and bulging stomach is very common theses days. People who consistently do yoga practise have all body parts in shape with string and lubricated joints due to holding of yoga asanas.

Yoga For Stress Management:

Work to time, competetion and commotion have made us suffer from stress and strain. Yoga involves chanting mantras with deep breathing.

This helps in calming down the nerves and helps to take numerous small decisions to be made throughout the day very easily, swiftly and correctly.

When all the small decisions of the day are right.,all deadlines of the household and work tasks are delivered on time.

When everything in your day takes place on time, there can never be place for stress.

In fact, bringing yoga into your lifestyle is the permanent solution to your stress management and anxiety.

Yoga For Sleep:

Insomnia is such a common problem prevelant in states that

Yoga For Weight Loss:

weight loss yoga asanas.    yoga for weight loss

Now the question is weather we should leave our civilsed society and become cavemen?

Yoga For Kids:


Neither it’s possible nor necessary.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga has surest remedies for man’s physical as well as physiological ailments.
  • Yoga makes the organs of the body active in their functioning and has good effect on internal functioning of human body.
  • Now one can easily say that any form of workout can do that for us isn’t it?

No, only yoga makes you focus on your breathe with each move.

And, Breathe is life!

So, before moving ahead, take a deep inhale……

And deep exhale……release the hold up…..and….let go!

  • You just need a yoga mat to perform yoga even at the age of 100 (you will reach there if you practise yoga consistently)
  • Yoga has a higher impact on mind than any other physical exercises due to constant inhalation and exhalation.
  • Yoga will never leave you very tired as every yoga session practices a deep breathing session in the beggining and at the end, leaving you relaxedddd.
  • The body becomes flexible with different yogasanas. You will never have to ask anybody to give you the book fallen down on floor at the age of 85.
  • Yogasana stimulates spiritual quotient of a person making you calmer. It helps in taking each small and big decision of life easily.
  • Yogasana is a scientific process which deals with the internal and external parts of the body.
  • Yogasana helps in toxic removal from body keeping it perfect state all the time.
  • There is no restriction of age, sex for yogasana aspirants. Our ancient sages have adopted this system for thousands of years with the result that they enjoyed sound health for a long time.
  • There is sufficient elimination of stool and other waste matter in the form of exhalation, sweat, sound excretion and hence body has higher power to fight from diseases.
  • The power of contraction and expansion of lungs is increased by practising Yogasana and Pranayama. This result in purification of blood to a great extent.
  • Lifestyle diseases like thyroid, migraine, constipation, gas-troubles, headache can be easily cured permanently by practising yoga daily.
  • Yoga help the mind to experience tranquillity. There is progressive intellectual development because of the calm mind.


Thousands of years ago, the people of ancient Greece believed in the principle “A sound body in a sound mind” . Whole system of their education was based on this principle.

Yogasana have a greater impact on the mind and the senses than other physical exercises with the result that yoga help to develop one’s physical and mental powers to calm the mind and control the senses.

If you understood the importance of yoga , go and join your first yoga classes near you. Till then keep breathingggggg…

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